How to manage tasks?

  • Once your website has been reviewed, you will see the Site Status changing from ‘Pending’ to ‘Approved’. 

  • You will receive orders only after the Site has been Approved by the admin. In case you receive New Orders, you will receive the same notification over Email. Once you check your email, please go to the ‘Manage Tasks’ section on the Dashboard. 


  • In the above Screenshot, you can see that our Newly Approved website has Two Tasks that are showing in the Manage Tasks section. One of them (first one) is a Text Link Insertion Order, while the second one is a Guest Posting Order. 

  • Let us take the Text Link Insertion Order first and discuss it. When you click on the ‘View’ action, you will see the Task Page open showing all the details. If you are satisfied with the same, please click on ‘Accept’. 

  • Once you click on the Accept Button after being satisfied with the Instructions, you will see the following on your Dashboard- 

  • When you click on Proceed, the Task will start showing as In Progress. You will see this on the Manage Task Dashboard- 

  • When you complete the Task, you need to click on Mark as Done. This will ensure that you have completed the task and are sending it to the Admin for review. You will see the following screen- 

  • You now need to click on the Submit button and let the Admin Review your work of Text Link Insertion. If you have not added the anchor and the link, our platform will be able to automatically read the same and you will not be able to submit. You will see the following message on the screen- 

  • If you have successfully added the link and clicked on the Mark as Done button, you will see the following message- 

  • You will be able to keep a tab on all the activities that are going on at the bottom half of the page through the List of Activities tab- 

  • Please Note that while we will try to make the Instructions as easy as possible, there might be times where you can get confused. If you feel that a specific instruction is confusing, use the Direct Chat Box to communicate the issue to the Admin. 

  • After you Submit the Task, there can be modifications that can be requested by the client. Till that time, the amount for the post will stay on the ‘Hold’ Account. Once the final approval comes from the Admin, the amount will move from the Hold Account to the Balance Account. From here you will be able to request for withdrawal. 


  • The process of completing Guest Posting Orders is a bit different than Text Link Insertion. Once you click on the Accept Button in the View Section, you will see the following screen- 

  • You will be given the Content of the Article, the Title of the Article, the Anchor Text and the Landing Page Link. The content will be given in the Box as a HTML File. However, Publishers have the option of downloading the same as a Word Document, by clicking on the link given just below the Content Box. 

  • After you have published the article with the client’s anchor and link, you will see a Submit URL option. When you click on the same, a pop up box will ask you to give the Live URL. 

  • After you submit the Live URL. The admin will review and verify the same. Once you submit the Live URL, you will see the following message on the screen. 

  • Once the Admin checks the Live URL and sees that everything is in order, they will approve the post and you will see that the funds for the order have been shifted from your On Hold Account to your Balance Account. Once the funds are in your Balance Account, you can request them to be withdrawn and transferred to your bank account. You will also see the following change in the status from ‘Submitted’ to ‘Completed’.