How to manage the wallet?

The Publisher needs to click on the Wallet Link on the left-hand side or Balance button on the header of the Dashboard. Once the Wallet Page opens, a Publisher will be able to see the total amount in the Hold Account as well as the Balance Account. 

2. A Publisher then needs to click on the Send Withdrawal Request Button. Please keep in mind that a Publisher will be able to only withdraw funds that are in the Wallet Balance and Not the On Hold Account. In the image that is used for representation, the Wallet Balance shows $2200 USD. 

3. After the Publisher clicks on the Send Withdrawal Request Button, he or she will see a New Form come up. It is important to fill out this form to initiate the withdrawal request. The following is the Form that will be seen to the Publishers. 

4. The Publishers are expected to fill in all the details on the form. Please note that you can either request for complete withdrawal of all the funds in the Wallet Balance or you can initiate a partial withdrawal and leave the remaining funds in the Wallet Balance. You would also need to enter all the relevant details including, country name, address and postal code. 

5. From the platform perspective, we would request Publishers to Generate PayPal Invoice Details. This helps in maintaining proper records and ensuring that there are solid payment records. You can learn how to generate PayPal invoice by clicking here-

6. There are two options that are available to the publishers. They can either send in the PayPal Invoice URL after generating it. Or, they can simply enter their PayPal ID. We would recommend that the Publishers generate the PayPal Invoice and submit the URLs of the same. 

7. Payments will be cleared from the Blog Management Platform to all the Publishers who have requested for the Funds every Monday and Friday. Please note that this is subject to Days of Holidays, Bank Closures, and other Eventualities. While the platform will try its best to stick to the routine of Monday and Friday payment clearances, there might be some issues that can prevent the same from happening. 

Blog Management is a completely honest, fair, and just platform that wants to help Publishers earn as much as possible. Please note that we do understand how Publishers can feel uncertain when it comes to monetary issues. However, our endeavour will always be to educate, inform and help our publisher friends regarding any or every question that they might have. You can trust us completely!